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Lavender Eye Pillows by Lavenderology™

Lavender Eye Pillows by Lavenderology™


Lavenderology™ Eye Pillow

Lavender Eye Pillows have a variety of uses, one often thinks of a Lavender Eye Pillow as a place to rest one's eyes however we can use Lavender Eye Pillows for so much more like warming pads, cooling pads, to help clear congestion, to combat headaches and migraines...


Lavenderology™ offers two unique Eye Pillows:




  1. Lavender Eye Pillow : A hand sewn Eye Pillow filled with Wild Crafted Lavender Flowers and Organic Golden Flax Seed.

  2. Lavender Mint Eye Pillow : A hand sewn Eye Pillow filled with Wild Crafted Lavender Flowers and Wild Crafted Peppermint Leaf combined with Organic Golden Flax Seed.

Lavenderology™ Lavender Eye Pillow

in Butterfly Beaded Bag

Each Lavender Eye Pillow by Lavenderology™ is hand sewn in a generous 4" x 9" size, perfectly sized to cover from brow to cheekbone to temple; and 'weighted' with Organic Golden Flax Seeds to keep the light at bay while applying chilled or warmed pressure to where you need it most. Of course each Lavender or Lavender Mint Eye Pillow is filled with Lavender Flowers and/or Peppermint Leaf as well.


No fluffly fillers, just herbs and flax!


Each Eye Pillow has a variety of uses and each Eye Pillow has its own unique uses as well... Lavender Eye Pillows are an amazing tool to battle headaches and migraines, calm the mind in a moment of stress, and use in Yoga Class. Lavender Mint Eye Pillows are fantastic to fight head congestion. Both varities can be used warmed or chilled for relaxing warmth or soothing chill across the eyes or brow. In addition these Eye Pillows can be used as heating pads or cooling relief for bruises, sore muscles and beyond.


Lavenderology™ Lavender Mint Eye Pillow

in Leaf Pattern Beaded Bag

Explore more information, tips and uses at "The Lavender Buzz".


Each Eye Pillow is individually packaged in its own muslin carry tote. The Lavender Eye Pillow comes in a gorgeous tote with a soothing butterfly pattern in earth tone hues adorned with, beads and sequins.The Lavender Mint Eye Pillow comes in an equally gorgeous tote with a natural leafy green foilage pattern, also adorned with beads and sequins.


Lavender Flower Tub Tea by Lavenderology™

Lavender Flower Tub Tea by Lavenderology™


Tub Teas are also known as Bath Teas or Bath Sachets ~ many names, same amazing results!   I prefer "Tub Tea" as the herbal flowers are 'steeping' in the warm water as you soak, enhancing the waters around you with their properties, filling the air with fragrant flower aroma. This half cup of Lavender Flowers is infused with pure Lavender Essential Oil for a ball of aromatic bliss. Simply toss in the tub when you take a soak and let the essence envelope you. Each Lavender Flower Tub Tea is good for 2 to 3 uses. Hang to dry after use.


Elegantly presented in royal purple wrap and tied with a matching bow, this trio of Lavenderology™ Tub Teas come in a pretty clear tube as easy as 1-2-3!

Lavender Healing Salve with Shea and Jojoba by Lavenderology™

Organic Lavender Healing Salve with Shea and Jojoba by Lavenderology™



This Organic Lavender Healing Salve is crafted with three pure ingredients: Unrefined, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. A total powerhouse of healing, please explore the benefits of Organic Shea and Jojoba as well as the benefits of Lavender Essential Oil as well.


This soothing botanical blend can be used to soothe dry/cracked skin on hands, feet, elbows and knees. You can gently rub the Lavender Healing Salve into your nails and cuticles to strengthen them. Enjoy as a lip salve to repair painful chapped lips. Carefully massage into fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes for a gentle moisture boost.



Be advised, the raw/natural fragrance of the Shea Butter is prominent in this blend. Since I use only unrefined Shea Butter it is not fragrance free. Expect a leafy green/nutty aroma intertwined with pure Lavender Essential Oil.


These are just some of the many fantastic uses for Organic Lavender Healing Salve by Lavenderology™, keep an eye on "The Lavender Buzz" for more information, tips and uses for this product.


Hand blended and poured into elegant screw top tins, you'll receive 2 oz of Organic Lavender Healing Salve to pamper your parts. Beautifully packaged, a gift ready to give or treat for yourself. Store in a cool place to ensure a longer life for your product.


Lavender Flowers by Lavenderology™

Lavender Flowers by Lavenderology™


Lavenderology™ presents to you Wild Crafted Lavender Flowers in a rich purple-blue color. Dried to perfection and removed from the stems, you'll enjoy a very clean and sweet fragrant aroma of these flowers,


There are many ways you can use loose Lavender Flowers; place some in a bowl for fragrant decor, sprinkle some in your Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salts, use them for soap making, crafting, card making and beyond.


Beautifully packaged in a crystal clear container, you'll receive a generous 4 cups of Lavender Flowers to use any way your imagination can conjur!

Lavender Magic Powder by Lavenderology™

Lavender Magic Powder by Lavenderology™


Lavender Magic Powder by Lavenderology™

Mystical, magical and 100% natural! The Lavender Magic Powder at Lavenderology™ has tons of different uses from bath and body to cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Not to mention freshening carpets, dry shampooing the dog and beyond. Explore some of the uses of Lavender Magic Powder here.


Keep an eye on "The Lavender Buzz" for more information, tips and uses for the Lavender Magic Powder.


Packaged in a gorgeous container filled with a long lasting 7 oz of Lavender Magic Powder, you'll find this shiny shaker adorned with an easy to use powder top so you can sprinkle to your heart's desire. The cap pops off for easy refills utilizing our handy refill packs.


The refill packs contain a full 28 oz of Lavender Magic Powder so you can refill your Shaker four times and contine to use it time and time again.

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