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How To Warm or Chill a Lavender Eye Pillow

There are many ways to use Lavender Eye Pillows from Lavenderology™, in this posting of the Lavender Buzz I will go over ways you can Chill your Lavenderology™ Eye Pillow for cooling relief and also ways you can warm your Lavenderology™ Lavender Eye Pillow for soothing warmth.

 Cooling Comfort : Sometimes a splitting headache or migraine just screams for a cool compress, you can easily use your Lavender Eye Pillow to give yourself a refreshing burst of lavenderlicious chill across your brow.  Many keep their eye pillow in the freezer so it is always ready at a moment's notice.  If you decide to keep your Lavenderology™ Lavender Eye Pillow in the freezer I do recommend storing it in an air tight container like a freezer zip bag (press out all the air before sealing).  This will keep moisture away from the eye pillow, and will also keep it clean and secure.


What if you are on the go?  Like camping, where you may not have a fridge?  Wrap your Lavender Eye Pillow in a zip lock and pop it in the cooler beneath the ice.  Coolness travels down, so be sure to seal it well so there are no water leaks and soon you'll be enjoying your cooling comfort even while out among the trees... Chilled Lavender Eye Pillows can also be used as cool compresses for things like black eyes, bruises, and bumps. 

Soothing Warmth: Perhaps it's the penetrating warmth you are seeking, to melt away aches and pains.  Lavenderology™ Lavender Eye Pillowscan also be enjoyed warmed.  There are a variety of ways to warm your Lavender Eye Pillow.  The fastest method is microwaving; simply place in a microwave safe dish and warm in 10 second increments.  After 10 seconds, remove and gently shake the contents back and forth.  Warm for another 10 seconds.  Repeat this 2 times or  more until you achieve the desired warmth.  Be careful as there may be 'hot spots', so use with caution.  Please don't be tempted to microwave for a longer time period as you do not wish to 'cook' the flax seeds or singe the lavender and/or peppermint within your eye pillow.
Some prefer non-microwave methods, a great one is to warm in your oven.  Place the eye pillow in a covered glass dish, and let warm in the oven at your desired temp.  I recommend setting the oven to 'warm' and placing it in right away.  This method will take longer, do check it every once and awhile as again, you do not want to 'cook' the contents.  You will want to shake around the contents a few times as well for even heat dispersion.  Do be careful to avoid hot spots and use with caution. What if you are not near a microwave or oven?  Place that puppy in a sunny window!  Perhaps your car, on your desk at work, anywhere the sun can provide its natural heating action. Warm Lavender Eye Pillows are soothing for cramps, muscle aches and beyond.  Anywhere you'd like a little warmth, like a mini heating pad with a punch of lavender or lavender mint! Enjoy your Lavender Eye Pillow with Cooling Comfort or Soothing Warmth! Keep an eye on the Lavender Buzz for more ways to use your Lavenderology™ Lavender Eye Pillow!

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