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Bugs-Be-Gone with 100% Lavender Mist Spray


Does lavender really repel mosquitoes and other pesky bugs?

As trees start budding and flowers start blooming, the mosquitoes start stirring to life in stagnate ponds and still waters. They like to start swarming and dawn, and again at dusk . This can make gardening a pain, Bar B Ques no fun, and back yard parties miserable. Before you bust out the smelly Mosquito Sprays filled with dangerous ingredients, consider the Lavenderology™ Lavender Mist Spray. Mosquitoes (and other bugs like Flies, No-see-ums, and Gnats) are NOT fans of the natural essence of Lavender! Spray yourself well, head to toe, and reapply every one to two hours as once the lavender wears off, the hunt will be on! Don't forget your face (close your eyes), neck, ears, back of hands, feet ~ anywhere there is skin, they'll bite you. Lavenderology™ offers a generous 8 oz size, shake well and enjoy chasing the bugs away! Add extra layers of protection by bathing with Lavenderology™ Artisan Soap Bars and using Lavenderology™ Lavender Whipped Shea Lotion. Mosquitoes are no fun, they carry disease and things like West Nile. This mist can be used safely on children and pets, it is non toxic. Do test for allergies as with any type of flower, adults, children and pets could possibly be allergic!

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