Eco-Friendly Products at Lavenderology™

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When developing and designing the products and packaging, I thought beyond the presentation.  I also thought of the end result and where the containers may end up as well.  This guided me towards packaging that is reusable and/or recyclable.   You'll find that all the products in the line are packaged in PETE plastic (plastic that does not break down and seep into the contents) and is also able to be recycled.  Also aluminum, steel, glass and cardboard items as well that can also be recycled.


The green goes on at Lavenderology™ into the packaging and shipping as well.  Many of the suppliers of the raw materials and packaging ship their items in various types of packing materials like bubble wrap, air packs, paper wraps and styrofoam peanuts. I am going to reuse these items to package the orders that are shipped to Lavenderology™ customers. However, in the instance that I need packing materials, rest assured I will only purchase biodegradable packing peanuts that break down in water.


In addition, you will not find printed invoices in the order boxes.  All invoices are email generated, you have the option to print one if you like, but paperless saves trees!


Not only that, refills will provide a way to give customers more bank for their buck, larger sizes to refill their existing Bath Salt Containers, Magic Powder Shakers and Herb Tins too!